Case Studies

Living in New Orleans: Making the Big Easy a place to call home

NOCCAIf you’ve never been to New Orleans, there’s a decent chance that the only thing you know about the great city is Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street and live jazz. But how does a company try to recruit professionals to a city that doesn’t have a traditional “family friendly” reputation? Lambert Media worked with Louisiana FastStart to develop, a comprehensive website with charming stories and videos featuring the aspects of the Big Easy that don’t show up in tourist brochures – the lush parks, historic museums, low cost of living, great shopping, award-winning schools and the most friendly people you’ll ever meet. Check out

Strategy builds positive coverage for Report Card project

The American Society of Civil Engineers hired Lambert Media to handle publicity and outreach surrounding the release of the 2012 Report Card for Louisiana’s Infrastructure. Lambert Media researched similar report cards across the country before developing a communications plan for internal and external stakeholders.

Lambert Media also provided editing services for the publication, which garnered praise from national ASCE officials as a model for other states to follow.

The official news conference for the release of the report card in 2012 was well-attended by members of the media and key partners and stakeholders. The professional atmosphere surrounding the release of the report card helped influence the media coverage throughout Louisiana, garnering positive publicity for the historic document.

Lambert Media public outreach plan helps agency pass 10-year tax renewal

The Ascension Counseling Center, one of only two parish-funded mental health facilities in Louisiana, was facing a 10-year tax mileage renewal. Although the center had done excellent work, it had received little publicity, and few outside of the center’s clientele were familiar with ACC’s services. Compounding the problem was that Ascension Parish’s population had grown approximately 50% from 2000 to 2010, and about 90% of the people who had moved into the parish during that time identified themselves as conservative voters, who are less likely to vote for taxes or tax renewals. Through a series of special events, selected media appearances, video presentations and by partnering with allies, Lambert Media was able to “re-introduce” ACC to Ascension Parish as an institution that was part of the community’s fabric. Through these efforts, the tax renewal passed with approximately 55 percent of the vote, and ACC will be able to continue providing mental health services to its citizens for the next decade.

“GeauxPass” Campaign Kicks Off LA’s 1st Toll Road in 25 Years

In 2009, Mark Lambert assembled and managed a team to inform south Louisiana citizens about the open road tolling system for the new La. 1 toll bridge in Leeville. This was the first new toll road in Louisiana in more than 25 years and the first open-road tolling system ever installed in the state. The team planned, promoted and conducted open houses across south Louisiana to explain tolling system and toll schedule. Lambert appeared as a spokesman for the project at numerous public meetings and before governmental bodies in Lafourche and Jefferson parishes and gave several presentations on the tolling system. This also was one of the first Louisiana state government projects to utilize social media as a communications tool.